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A New & Ancient Way of Working with the Ancestors

The Lineage of Ancestral Guidance is Collaboration with Synchronicity

These days, we spend much time “working” with our ancestors. Or at least we spend much time wondering how to do it and if we are doing it effectively. Some people pray to the ancestors. Some few have the time, space, and gumption to execute rituals interacting with the ancestors. We often speak of “veneration,” as in an honoring of the ancestors, and many make offerings of incense and candlelight, water and food to them. In many ways, the gardener is the most in touch with the ancestors. Their hands are in the soil to which all of our ancestors have returned.

Another key factor to becoming deeply connected with our ancestors, no matter how we were brought up, is realizing that our body, its numerous energetic components, is made of our ancestors. Our blood is the blood of our entire lineage. It is called the river of blood, or the red thread, which flows down to, into, and as us through time. If we seek to be in touch with a living lineage of life forces and mysteries, we need to go no further than to take a deep breath and feel our feet on the ground and our pulse in our chest. This is a more powerful, direct, and transformative teaching than any set of ideas or practices we might have wished we had inherited from an intact culture, traumatizing though their loss is.

Yet another aspect of our spiritual experience is a profound portal into communing with and receiving guidance and assistance from our ancestors, one which is readily at hand, though largely overlooked. The experience of synchronicity is a hot topic in energy vibration subcultures, but though it is sought and cultivated as an indication of our attunement to the Divine flow, it is also a vivid expression of connection with our ancestors. In the same way that the soil contains all of the wisdom of those who have come before us, in the same way that our blood contains all of the life force intelligence of those who forged the path to reveal our lives, the field of life itself, creation and manifestation, is as filled with the living resonance of all the wills and vibrations of those who came before. As synchronicity arises within our experience, it is an expression of a coalescence from the deep time of infinity, reaching out to meet us.

As we rise up to meet synchronicity with our will, we forge a collaboration with these ancient actors, these venerable elders who gesture through time as a resource and offer of alliance in the eternal Great Work of alchemy that is life itself. As we respond to synchronicity, making our gestures to the Spirit, we are connecting with the ancestors, making our offering, working with them, and healing our lineage of the trauma denial.

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