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Opening the Mythic Mind

Firmly poised on the path of Soul, we open our Dreaming Awareness with the ancient riddle stories of myth & fairytale.

These stories, which come to us from the mists of Deep Time, are radically important allies on the path of soul. Mythic stories are the dreaming mind of soul and hold within them coded keys to alchemical perspectives that leave us forever changed. Fairytales, while similar in nature to the Myths, are more akin to being mirrors for the soul’s path of initiation. We will explore both as we reawaken our mythic mind and bring its unexpected treasures forth into our world.

“Fairy tales, myths, and stories provide understandings which sharpen our sight so that we can pick out and pick up the path left by the wildish nature.”
—Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Mythic Stories as the Dreaming Mind of Soul
Fairytales as the Mirrors of the Soul’s Path

Join me for an evening of storytelling and exposition on the esoteric teachings we can find in some of our greatest human treasures, the Fairy Tale and the Myth. To follow the imagery of these stories with a Wizard’s Eye is like walking through the ruins of a lost civilization and finding the remnant paintings in a mural on a crumbling wall that speaks from a level of the human narrative coming from beyond the mist-veiled worlds of Deep Time. They speak of common things in uncommon ways. They tell the tales of forgotten gods, eternal spirals of return, and the dreaming narratives of our sacred selves. It is fantastical and enigmatic. It is playful and insightful. It is soulful and sacred.

This class includes:

What are fairy tales and why do they matter? We will look at what we know of fairy tales and how they can play a significant role in our soul unfolding.

What do fairy tales mean? We will listen to old versions of some well know fairy tales and look at their wyrdness through different lenses, cultivating our ability to enter a dreaming awareness to discern the alchemy of storytelling within them.

How can we interpret fairy tales for personal enrichment? Woven within these ancient stories are many mysterious and soul-making teachings that we will learn to discern to apply to our lives.

How are fairy tales teachings on soul initiation? We will look at the familiar villains of fairy tales, witches, giants & dragons, to learn how they differ from their namesakes in other forms of story and how they play vital roles in our lives when we learn to see them.