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Psychic Alchemy

Gathering the many ingredients of our psychic path, we learn to brew them together with the ancient art of turning lead into gold.

Cultivating an alchemical mind is essential to yielding lasting value from the psychic path. The ancient ways of Alchemy provide a truly worthy soul map for walking the ways of the path with heart. We will learn to cultivate the alchemical container, work with the prima materia or “first matter” of our lives, navigate the variously complex alchemical situation that arises in an undertaking, and most importantly, tend to the fires which must always bring just the right heat to each moment.

What is the Realm of the Midnight Sun?

The many approaches to clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) do well to teach someone the basics of becoming aware of hidden information and endless worlds beyond the physical senses. However, they seldom teach a practitioner how to understand the nuanced and shadowy processes initiated when one opens their third eye. This class sheds light on this inherently mist-laden terrain by helping you to cultivate an “alchemical” mind. 

What is Alchemy?

This class will teach how to understand subtle energies flowing into and through us to see and influence how the psychic (“of the soul”) is moving and transforming. We will use the language and view of alchemy to clarify what we experience and inform what we can do with it. This cultivation of an alchemical mind is an essential missing piece of almost all esoteric approaches taught today. 

Topics include:

What is the language of alchemy, and how do we use it? Exploring the dreamlike enigmas and varied traditions of alchemy, we will uncover a wealth of esoteric understanding that transforms our understanding of what it means to be alive and what is happening in the world around us. 

How do we turn psychic lead into gold? We will work with the understanding of the Prima Materia we are working within our lives, the “first substance” of alchemy, which orients us to the path and helps clarify what we need to do to follow the path from density to refinement. 

What is an Alchemical Map? We will explore the colors and phases of alchemy as a secret language code of colors that ground alchemical ideas into our direct, everyday experience and expand our understanding of the Psychic Realms. 

How do I cultivate the Psychic Alchemical Container? Just as important as the Prima Materia is the vessel, or container, within which we create our change, and we will look at the different approaches and needs of creating and tending it. 

What are the hidden keys to the arts of transformation and transmutation? We will look at the many states Alchemy utilizes, such as heating, cooling, gathering, dispersing, and so forth, to learn to discern them and become skillful at tending and applying them.

How can we use Psychic Alchemy to empower ourselves practically? We will look at alchemy through the lenses of such practices as healing, manifestation and the cultivation of wisdom, love and power through embodiment. 

How can apply Psychic Alchemy in my everyday experience? We will explore the presence of Psychic Alchemy in our everyday lives, including the types of psychic pressure cookers we live in all the time.