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Celestial Seership

This class is a deep dive into the direct seership practices that safely open us to the wealth of subtle perceptions in & around us.

Powerful keys to the psychic realm, the chakras and aura, will be explored in both understanding and direct perception, setting the foundation for other practices in later classes. Additionally, we will learn to work with the enigmas we call “psychic pictures” in ways that bring forth both the empowerment of the picture and the integration of that power into one’s life. This session is a tangible step into a far more interesting and alive world: the psychic path.

Reading Auras & Seeing Chakras

Learning to read the many layers and dimensions of the aura and the chakras is an incredibly powerful undertaking. It is also far more accessible and enjoyable than one might think. Learning to see into the hidden energies of life is a portal to a feeling of returning home to ourselves. It cultivates an energetic poise and enjoyment unique to the psychic path.

What is a psychic picture & how can I work with them?

Psychic pictures are tremendous gifts from the depths of Soul. They come in many forms, not only visual, and are akin to a many-faceted crystal through which we can always see a new perspective. They are triggers, activators to help us find our soul path and become truly alive. We will explore perceiving, cultivating, and alchemizing psychic pictures and learn how unconscious psychic pictures influence us every day.