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Of Spirit & Soul

To fully traverse the path of Spirit we must unlock the secrets of Soul. 

Many ask, “Am I psychic?” The answer is always yes, yet most of us have been cultured into a form of being psychic that keeps us from our wider view of reality. To reclaim our soul, we must reclaim our psychic awareness. This is a process of shedding our old understandings of the mind, imagination, and life itself to make space for the return of an even older way of seeing what we are. We are soul and so is everything else. This shift from a fear and rejection of imagination is the most central change we are making as we make our way into a higher and deeper world which reflects a more expanded consciousness.

In this class, we will attune to the ancient myth of the goddess Psyche, whose name means both “soul” and “butterfly.” Her journey speaks to our path of reclaiming our divine powers and giving birth to our soul through the marriage of Love and Soul. We will formulate an orientation to expanded consciousness that is both sustainable and relatable. Woven into the tapestry of lore, we will practice the essential psychic meditation skills which form the foundation of a lifelong unfolding into life.

Topics Include

  • Essential meditation practices and understandings for energetic health and empowerment. 
  • How to see and work with the chakras and auras. 
  • Different ways of seership that we can work with in cultivating our intuition and relationship with our Soul path. 
  • An exploration of the key psychic principles of certainty, maturity, language, authority, bias, humor and neutrality and how they each pertain to not only everyday life but even more so to our spiritual paths. 
  • The context of the return of Soul to our world and our emergent psychic culture that is arising. 
  • The Myth of Psyche & Eros and how it tells us a tale of the path from human to Divine Soul.