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Psychic Shapeshifting

Harnessing our seership to the exploration of iconic energies which we can utilize to transform ourselves & the world around us.

This class covers the arts of “running energy” which is a universal approach to health and wellness as well as being a practice that can tune us into different archetypal energies to play with in our experience. The master energy known as “healing” will be brought forth as an attunement, a portal into the path of shapeshifting ourselves and our world with the transmutational energies of wholeness.

What is energy healing?

While there are numerous forms of energy healing, they are all nothing more than permission slips to tap into our forgotten birthright of health and interconnection. This class is an initiation into the practice of energy healing and provides a clarified framework for grasping a deeper understanding of what healing actually is.  

How can I practice shapeshifting?

The esoteric arts of shapeshifting and state change are some of the most romanticized yet little-explored practices which can completely change your life for the better. Drawing on experiences we already have, we will open the paths of transformation that lead us into a deeper experience of life.