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Psychic Warriorship

We begin by reclaiming our energetic throne of sovereignty.

We will explore and develop the skills of psychic cleansing and protection in a way that is in balance with the forces of nature they draw upon. Developing psychic boundaries which are both adamantine and permeable is a high art of the psychic path. To clarify our warriorship, so that our skills are honed to reflect an empowered stance, we will look at the deeper energetic knots which tie us down and learn to clear them with decisive poise.

The sovereign and the land are one!

To reclaim the throne and crown of our sovereignty, we learn the psychic craft of the Wolf. This is an initiation into the path of the Warrior and Hunter to reorient us to a more understandable and fulfilling psychic life. It clarifies and bolsters psychic certainty and clears the path of the obstacles which obscure our true wisdom, love and power.  

This class includes:

How can I use the chakras to empower me and navigate my life? We will learn to use each chakra in its unique way to engage in psychic navigation, the skill needed to traverse the hidden realms of life.

How can I reclaim the throne of my life? We will outline and practice reclaiming the throne by sinking our roots into two forms of deep seership: the practices of creative light and natural light.

How can I enter and utilize my crown chakra? A paradoxical topic at best, we will practice reclaiming our crown by clearing invalidation and denial from energy bodies.

How can I have powerful psychic boundaries? We will explore techniques to empower our psychic immune system, which keeps our realm vital and secure.

How can I deal with dark energies? We will explore the shadows with the light of clarity and learn how to face and vanquish the dragons we find there. 

How can I empower my will? We will explore the riddle of will, the enigmas of creation and destruction and how they shape all of life and empower the ability to choose.

How can I have more influence over my everyday life? We will utilize our reclaimed Crown for leadership and influence, owning a room and clearing obstacles from our path.

What is a power struggle and how do I stop it? We will look at power struggles on a chakra level and how to resolve them.

What happens in class? The class will be part discussion, part questions and answers and part guided meditations.