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Rewilding the Chakras

We connect with and bring in the intelligences of the Land, Sea & Sky to become a force of nature.

We will learn to navigate the subtle and often enigmatic landscapes of the psychic by bringing our clairvoyance back into resonance with the wild life force energy of Gaia. This class involves a deep attunement of the chakras with the elemental forces of the natural world and a deep, energetic reclaiming of the whole psychic body. We will also discover ways to converse and ally with the spirits all around us to craft a better experience for all involved.

Becoming A Force Of Nature

Cultivating the psychic body is an essential layer of our psychic path. It includes the chakras and auras and what we think of as our physical body. The physical body is an energy body, and we must learn to shrug off our human cultural forms of body to reclaim the sacred site that is our physical experience. The physical body is the root of our incarnation and a vital resource for our path of embodiment. 

The Chakras are natural vortices of psychic energy which coalesce in different layers of our energy body, providing us with different ways of seeing and creating with energy. They each are a magical crossroads of inner initiation, cauldrons of psychic alchemy, soul gates, ways of healing, understandings of unity, and enigmas of relation. Perhaps most importantly, when tuned into the natural resonance of its dreaming, each chakra is a way of navigating the psychic and waking world terrains of our life to reclaim the lost parts of self and reestablish a truly soulful way of being.

This class includes:

How can I open my chakras to set free their natural powers? We will rewild the chakras with the different elemental formulas to invoke magic within ourselves and evoke empowerment in the world around us.

How can I reclaim the sacred space of my body? We will learn to attune to the body’s essential nature and thereby set a course for reclaiming both our wholeness and the wild life force energies which we are made of. 

What is a psychic landscape and how do I navigate it? Using the genius of each chakra, we will explore the different ways we can perceive and navigate the terrains of the psychic path. 

How can I connect with spirit allies in nature and other places? We will learn about connecting, communing, and collaborating with spirit allies, especially those in nature and the spirits of place, exploring the complexities of such relations and how we can align with the best interests of all involved.

What happens in class? The class will be part discussion, part questions and answers and part guided meditations/practices.