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Old Classes

This in an archive of past classes. To find my current offerings, see here

Psychic Essentials

The Art of Empty Handed Magic

Of Spirit & Soul

To fully traverse the path of Spirit we must unlock the secrets of Soul.  Many ask, “Am I psychic?” The answer is always yes, yet most of us have been cultured into a form of being psychic that keeps us from our wider view of reality. To reclaim our soul,… Read more

Celestial Seership

This class is a deep dive into the direct seership practices that safely open us to the wealth of subtle perceptions in & around us. Powerful keys to the psychic realm, the chakras and aura, will be explored in both understanding and direct perception, setting the foundation for other practices… Read more

Psychic Shapeshifting

Harnessing our seership to the exploration of iconic energies which we can utilize to transform ourselves & the world around us. This class covers the arts of “running energy” which is a universal approach to health and wellness as well as being a practice that can tune us into different… Read more

Soul Sorcery

Reclaiming the Sovereign, Seer & Sage

Psychic Warriorship

We begin by reclaiming our energetic throne of sovereignty. We will explore and develop the skills of psychic cleansing and protection in a way that is in balance with the forces of nature they draw upon. Developing psychic boundaries which are both adamantine and permeable is a high art of… Read more

Rewilding the Chakras

We connect with and bring in the intelligences of the Land, Sea & Sky to become a force of nature. We will learn to navigate the subtle and often enigmatic landscapes of the psychic by bringing our clairvoyance back into resonance with the wild life force energy of Gaia. This… Read more

Aeonic Wizardy

Traversing the Sacred Web of Creation

Psychic Alchemy

Gathering the many ingredients of our psychic path, we learn to brew them together with the ancient art of turning lead into gold. Cultivating an alchemical mind is essential to yielding lasting value from the psychic path. The ancient ways of Alchemy provide a truly worthy soul map for walking… Read more

Opening the Mythic Mind

Firmly poised on the path of Soul, we open our Dreaming Awareness with the ancient riddle stories of myth & fairytale. These stories, which come to us from the mists of Deep Time, are radically important allies on the path of soul. Mythic stories are the dreaming mind of soul… Read more

Sacred Geometry

“One thing becomes another, in the Mother, in the Mother, in the Mother…” As a waking dreamer on the path of soul unfolding, we learn to access the guidance of the first emanations, the Angels & Angles of Creation. Sacred geometry is far more than just beauty in structure. It… Read more