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  • Psychic Toolkit
    Psychic Essentials

    Psychic Essentials Toolkit

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    A collection from the Psychic Path class offers foundational practices for psychic energy management, including guided meditations on Body Mandala, Grounding in Gaia, Psychic Centering, Chakra Attunement, and Solar Revitalization. It's designed as a complete system for psychic development, energy hygiene, and the cultivation of subtle awareness, providing a comprehensive approach to psychic training.Learn More
  • Psychic Warriorship
    Psychic Toolkit

    Psychic Warriorship Toolkit

    The collection from the Psychic Warriorship course features four guided meditations designed to foster psychic sovereignty, energetic certainty, and subtle energy warriorship. These practices guide individuals in centering within their psychic space, purging their aura of unwanted energies, and cultivating a Fierce Energy Body to maintain a clear, assertive presence amidst life's challenges.Learn More