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Body Mandala Guided Meditation

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The 16-minute Body Mandala meditation is for reclaiming your energy and soul path alignment, fostering health, wealth, and wisdom through creative power flow.

Minimum Price $1.00


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The Body Mandala is a 16-minute meditation practice that helps the practitioner reclaim the natural energy and relationship with the body, both inside and out. It is an essential opening practice in my Cosmic Meditation Sessions and is foundational in all my classes.  It is a potent practice to dissolve old energies and reestablish energetic sovereignty within your creative sphere. It will also facilitate a deepening of subtle energy awareness and insight into one’s Soul path.

This Guided Meditation reestablishes your incarnational energies into what I call the Body Mandala. This is the inner and personal body, sitting within the outer and shared body, with both surrounding the center space of the living breath. The approach is not to construct the Body Mandala but to learn to recognize, reclaim, and rest in it. This resting into the Body Mandala allows us to gently reconfigure our energies to align with our Soul Path energies and opens us to the natural flow of our creative powers for health, wealth, and wisdom.

The Body Mandala Guided Meditation helps to:

  • Reclaim your awareness of your natural, living energies of body, breath, and environment.
  • Cultivate a sense of unity with body and environment.
  • Dissolve false psychic images of the body we have inherited from culture.
  • Sets a profound space for other meditation practices.
  • Deepens the practitioner’s subtle energy awareness.
  • Deeply relax and open your energy to let go and flow.