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Centering, Groudning & Solar Revitalization Guided Meditation

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Harness a powerful energy practice with this guided meditation, designed to clear unwanted energies, ground you with Earth’s vitality, and draw upon the healing Golden Sun energy for empowerment and well-being throughout your day.


This is a combination practice of three Psychic Essentials practices:

In combination, they form a threefold practice that clears and reclaims our energy while putting us back into the center of our own energetic incarnation. Each of the practices can be deepened on their own (see links above) but also used in tandem to create a simple yet potent energy practice that can not only be used for meditation but also on the fly, with the eyes open, at any point in our day. The trick is to practice them so that they both come easy and we remember that we have them at our disposal.

This guided mediation will help you to:

  • Clear your body, your chakras, and layers of your aura of any unwanted energies.
  • Set you into a relationship with the Heart of the Earth in order to ground into the vast energies of Gaia.
  • Learn to draw upon the radiant Golden Sun energy, the celestial energy of healing and empowerment that is always available to us if we but learn to call upon it.