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Energy Shapeshifting Guided Meditation: Running Earth & Cosmic Energy

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Learn to harness Earth and Cosmic energies for healing and empowerment with a 17-minute guided meditation, fostering chakra collaboration for energetic shapeshifting and creative vitality.


Psychic Shapeshifting, or what is often called “running energy,” is a basic yet highly advanced form of energy work. By training our Chakras to collaborate as an energy circuit, we can channel different forms of energy as we like. This can include healing energy, manifestation energy, and archetypal energies such as “warriorship” and “wisdom keeper.”

This 17-minute essential practice for running energy will teach you to cultivate your energy channels to shapeshift your energetic state. This first meditation works with the most basic of energies, Earth energy, and Cosmic energy. We first create the Earth loop for a deeply healing and grounding energy circuit. We then bring in the Soul Star energy to bring more starlight, light codes, and light force into our lives. Finally, we combine the two in the cauldron of our chakras and fill our being with this potent alchemical energy elixir, radiating it through our creative and sovereign channels.

This guided meditation will help you to:

  • Open, cleanse, align, and revitalize your energy body channels.
  • Cultivate the Chakras as a collaborative force to bring fresh energy into your life.
  • Connect and commune directly with the Earth Star and Soul Star to ground, energize, and enlighten your soul path.
  • Become a channel of Earth and Cosmic life force and creative energy in your life.
  • Train your ability to run other energies as you like, including prosperity, healing, and archetypal energies.

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