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Grounding in Gaia Guided Meditation

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Master grounding into the Earth with a 23-minute guided meditation to enhance presence, release old energies, and reconnect with the terrestrial Mother’s deep frequencies of revitalizing life energy.

Minimum Price $1.00


Learning to ground into the Earth psychically is a critical skill for navigating the psychic space that we call everyday life. Utilizing a grounding cord to connect with the deep core of Gaia, the living fire of the Earth Star, teaches us not only to be calm, collected, and present but also to access our capacities to let go of energies we have taken on and which no longer serve us. We are an expression of Gaia, and we need only ask for Her help to access our inborn powers and cast off the old and out-moded energetic patterns that keep us from expanding into new creative realms.

Once we have let go of the energies that hold us back, we can then refuel ourselves with the vibrant resonance of the deep Earth frequencies. As we reclaim our connection with Gaia we learn that it is in truth Gaia, as us, who is reclaiming us.

  • The Grounding in Gaia Guided Meditation helps to:
  • Learn the essential psychic skill of the grounding cord to aid us in being present and strong in our energy.
  • Let go of the old and no longer needed energies we still carry to clean them out and make room for a new vivid experience of our life.
  • Draw in deep Earth frequencies to fuel the layers of our energy body with the potency of the Earth Mother.
  • Reestablish our connection with Gaia on a subtle energy level, signaling to our Soul, our allies, and our terrestrial Mother that we choose to bring Her profound wisdom back into the human world.

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