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Liminal Space Guided Meditation – Solve et Coagula Alchemy – Walking Between the Worlds


Enter the liminality between worlds with a 19-minute meditation, fostering dissolution for energetic flow, intention setting, and deep healing, revealing access to the structuring of reality.


This 19-minute guided meditation will take you into the direct experience of the liminal space between worlds. It explores the liminality of our body, or the room or space we are in, and then goes deep into the breath and at last into experience, the nature of experience itself. This practice is inherently freeing up of stuck energies and creates a beautiful space within which to set intentions, speak prayers or do deep energetic healing practices.

Cultivating the liminal is important because we have been trained to avoid it. Yet is permeates every and all levels of our reality. Classic examples of liminal spaces, such as doorways and crossroads, point the way to a profound realization of the inherent liminality of experience itself. In psychic alchemy, we practice dissolution as much as we do gathering together. These actions are as important as each other in our skill set. Culture has taught us to focus almost entirely on gathering together, focusing, and building and reinforcing structure. However, the profound structure can only be discerned and developed by a continual practice of dissolution to break away all that does not serve and to reveal the essentials upon which it will be fruitful to develop.

This guided meditation will help you to:

  • Find a deep place of letting go within your meditation space.
  • Break down stuck energies and allow them to find flow once again.
  • Practice the art of “de-arrangement,” which allows you to enter into magical spaces to shift and create energies.
  • Access the alchemical portal of dissolving and gathering, which purifies your energy and creates a fertile field within which to plant intentions and prayers.

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