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Chakra Attunement Guided Meditation – Invoking The Joy Body


Unlock the chakras into alignment with a 16-minute guided meditation using a simple “hello” technique for activation and harmony, suitable for all levels of experience.


A 16-minute guided meditation that is perfect for both a beginning exploration of the chakras and for the experienced meditator to bring the chakras into alignment and attune with each other in a simple way. This meditation begins with the 3rd eye chakra and then goes through each energy center to activate and align them. Using a simple, even silly technique of “saying hello” to the chakras, or as some would call it the “inner smile,” we coax our energies into collaboration with the whole of our being. This practice is inherently healing and empowering.

The chakras, while each having very distinct differences in how they empower us, are all very similar to one another in the most essential ways. They are each centers of awareness and creation, or more plainly, centers through which we can perceive and manifest in our lives. By recognizing both their similarities and differences, we learn to see them more clearly and activate their inherent powers.

This guided meditation will help you to:

  • Meet and greet each of the seven major chakras along our central column.
  • Learn a simple, even silly, yet vastly powerful energy technique for communing with the chakras.
  • Gently activate the chakras with a sense of heart.
  • Learn to allow the chakras to come into a natural alignment as they open and flow their energies.
  • Help the chakras to come into communion with one another so that they are mutually empowering.

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