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Owning A Room Guided Meditation – Psychic Warriorship


This guided meditation teaches a critical skill in psychic warriorship, focusing on asserting your unique energy frequency in any situation. It is designed for both leaders and observers, aiming to remove influences of external energy games, clear spaces of negative energies, and establish personal authority within any context.


This guided meditation is a critical skill in psychic warriorship. It translates into an ability to move with certainty, unimpeded by the influences around you. It is essential for leaders of all types but just as powerful for those who would rather be the fly-on-the-wall observer of a situation. It places you back into your own unique frequency of energy from which you can decide how you relate to all that arises.

This guided meditation will help you to:

  • Exit other people’s subtle energy games and bring the full weight of your uniqueness to a situation.
  • Clear a room of impeding energies.
  • Cut away the confusion of who is in charge of the room, discern the sitation for yourselfe, and decide what to do about it.