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Psychic Centering Guided Meditation


Enhance your psychic world by learning to center with a 20-minute guided meditation focusing on balance, neutrality, and alignment within your soul and psychic space, for everyday empowerment.


This 20-minute guided meditation will take you deep into the practice of psychic centering. As we learn to center physically in our center of gravity (which is our 2nd chakra), we can also learn to center psychically within our psychic space. As we center within the psychic, we inherently center within our Soul.

This practice activates our psychic awareness and coaxes it to come forth in alignment and power through a specific kind of energy, which we often call “neutrality.” This is not a dismissive or passive neutrality, nor is it a psychological or sociological stance kind of neutrality. Psychic neutrality is empowered and engaged neutrality, which is in service to our passions and perspectives that we wish to cultivate in ourselves and our world. It is the kind of neutrality that is not set upon by outside influences and can move in any direction it likes with power.

This guided meditation will help you:

  • Cultivate a center of balance within your psychic space.
  • Bring this balance into your world, into every and all activity, including work, play and relationships.
  • Explore and hone an empowered sense of “neutrality.” This is not the passive neutrality of the mind or emotions but an empowered and engaged neutrality that is free from influence and able to move as it will.
  • A centering technique that is easy to practice throughout the day and will deepen all of your subtle energy skills and awareness.

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