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Psychic Warriorship Toolkit


The collection from the Psychic Warriorship course features four guided meditations designed to foster psychic sovereignty, energetic certainty, and subtle energy warriorship. These practices guide individuals in centering within their psychic space, purging their aura of unwanted energies, and cultivating a Fierce Energy Body to maintain a clear, assertive presence amidst life’s challenges.


This is a collection of 4 guided meditation practices from my Psychic Warriorship course. It includes:

These practices are a collection of training that teaches one to reclaim their psychic sovereignty, their energetic certainty, and their subtle energy warriorship. It helps one to center within their psychic space and reclaim their seniority within it. They will also learn to purge their aura of any static, stuck or otherwise blocking energy and cultivate the presence of the Fierce Energy Body. The Fierce Body is an energy that radiates from you, keeping adversarial forces away and clearing a path through the confusion of denial in which our world simmers.

This guided meditation helps you to:

  • Reclaim your sovereign energetic space to empower unimpeded creativity.
  • Clear your aura of stagnant energies, increasing flow and clarity.
  • Bring balance and power to your creative will by redeeming and reclaiming the power to destroy.