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Reclaiming the Body Guided Meditation

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Reclaim your body with this 22-minute guided meditation to heal and empower by clearing psychic pictures of body denial and embracing your birthright to manifest your Soul Path.

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From at least the moment of our birth, and arguably from before that moment, we have all been bombarded with media messaging about our bodies. Even when we put the media down, we carry those messages with us and are usually surrounded by others subtly and overtly, communicating them to us through gestures, dress, tone of voice, and so forth. No matter what form each body takes, it is subjected to this indoctrination of often contradictory messages about how our body should be. What is the sum of all these messages? They all add up to one simple, painfully felt experience that we hold in our psyches: my body is wrong. To reclaim our bodies, we must clear these messages, these psychic pictures, out of our energy field.

Why reclaim the body? It is easy to intuit that this needs to be done, but it can be difficult to clarify exactly why. We must reclaim our bodies because they are one of the deepest roots of our birthright of empowerment. When we set out on our adventures to manifest our reality, we often look towards the results rather than tending to the roots. We focus on where we want to get rather than first cultivating a strong foundation for where we are coming from. The body is the root of our 3D manifestation and, as such, is the essential beacon for all we want to manifest. The body is the key to accessing our birthrights of wisdom, love, and power because the body is the living experience of birth itself.

This 22-minute guided meditation guides you through the practice of reclaiming the body by clearing out the old psychic pictures of body denial and reenergizing it with a fresh life force from which to create your life. This is an essential practice for all of those who would seek to heal their bodies in any way and a critical power-up for all forms of creative manifestation.

Reclaiming the Body Guided Meditation helps you to:

  • Clear your energy field of psychic images about the body that do not serve you.
  • Learn to see the body as a living, dreaming energy field.
  • Remove inherited and culturally indoctrinated messaging about the body.
  • Open the energies of the body to become what it actually is: a deep, energetic root of experience into the physical realm of Creation.
  • Practice your grounding cord by using it to let go of the confusing and conflicting energies that the world places on us to keep us feeling that “my body is wrong.”

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