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Reclaiming the Creator Destroyer Guided Meditation


This meditation focuses on harnessing the dual nature of creation and destruction for empowerment. It teaches how to embrace the constructive aspects of destruction, clearing energetic spaces and auras, and fostering a Fierce Energy Body to navigate and transform obstacles effortlessly.


This guided meditation trains the meditator to reclaim their subtle energy ability to destroy and remove that which is in the way. Our creative ability is undeniably empowered by the ability to destroy. Of course, there are bad forms of destruction. But we must also recognize that as there are also bad forms of creation, there are also good forms of destruction. Once we learn to destroy energy structures, we not only empower ourselves to clear space, auras, and the like but also bring the weight of warriorship to our subtle energy, a quiet ferocity that moves obstacles all by itself.

This guided meditation will help you to:

  • Dissolve your inhibition to draw upon your full divine creative potential as a creator-destroyer.
  • Cultivate the Fierce Energy Body, which moves obstacles out of your way and empowers your presence in all energetic interactions.
  • Learn one of the most powerful aura and energy space-clearing techniques.