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Rewilding the Psychic Body

“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don’t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.”

—Clarissa Pinkola Estés

As we move to embody the emergence of a psychic culture, we do so first by tending to our own psychic path. In this era, the strongest foundation of any psychic path is our reorientation to the body. For far too long, the psychic teachings, the psychic images that pervade our esoteric teachings, have attempted to lead us away from our bodies. We inherit this distortion from the age of terror through which those teachings survived, the dark age of humanity, a time when the body was made to suffer in unimaginable ways. It makes sense that the impulse from an age such as that would be to get away from the body and into a realm where suffering was far more optional. However wise a response to trauma such a perspective was at the time; it is vital that we now realize, heal and learn to integrate the understanding of just how vital, intelligent, and resourceful the human body is as both a vessel for incarnation and an ally on the psychic path of embodiment.

The Body Is Not What They Tell You

The essential view of the body, which aids in the return of the body to its natural potency, is to view the body as energy. This is not a one-and-done kind of thing and could be a part of one’s practice for the remainder of their life. As the body reclaims its inherent image of being a composite of layers of energy flowing in the universe, it begins to shrug off false identity structures, such as trauma held in the body, and engage in deeper collaboration with the whole being as a force of nature. This is the vital point, the reclaiming of the body as a force of nature, that is left out of many psychic or meditational approaches. The monastic teachings, which form the bulk of the esoteric lore which has survived the purge, and their images of the body that guide so many of us in our practices, do not serve those who do not seek a monastic life. The monastic teachings strongly bias the harnessing and re-tasking of our wild life force energies. Those of us who dwell outside the temple wall must find a more delicate balance between control and abandonment. Within our current culture of body rejection (a shadow form of control), we must now learn to rewild ourselves.

Rewilding the human can and will be approached from many angles as the forerunners open the ways for those that will follow and further develop the image. At the most basic, it is a reprioritizing of our lifestyle to involve deeper immersion into nature, with all of the skills and developing awarenesses that brings. It is not generally a one-sided leap into primitive living by any means, though some will thrive by doing so. We seek balance, and we must move towards that balance with balance. This means keeping in mind our limitations and resources with which to undertake the path of return. The goal is harmony, not defeat. In this way, every little bit counts. Fire gazing, barefoot walking on the dirt, and communing with trees and other creatures all help to reclaim the wild awareness. Yet also, inward practices such as journalling to reveal ourselves to ourselves and the practice of de-arranging rituals to help us complete the circles of life force, which strive to reorient us to our more profound, more integrated path, are both practical and essential. Rewilding is a vast subject of creativity and promises to engage us on all levels.

Rewilding The Chakras

For the psychic, rewilding is both an “all of the above” subject and one that contains other esoteric or hidden layers of inquiry and practice, which are the predilections of the sensitive. As the psychic rewilds their body and mind, they must also rewild their chakras, auras, and dreaming awareness. A key component of rewilding on any level is the un-dulling of the senses, which must include our psychic senses as much as any others. As we rewild our body and psychic senses, we begin to realize they are not two and that, in truth, we only have psychic senses. We reclaim our bodies not as physical objects we live in but as psychic energies of creation and awareness, unique to the levels on which they operate but otherwise no different than any other psychic sense. We begin what some traditions call the “loosing of the human form,” which can be understood as a shedding of the psychic images of culture which have us locked into our ideas and experiences of what it means to be human and to begin to relax back into our natural, flowing experience as the wild life force energy of creation coalescing into the human psychic image. From that point, a new culture of embodiment is unavoidably found.

Want to Rewild Your Chakras?