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Surviving & Thriving As A Psychic/Empath

As a psychic it is all too common to feel that one is “too sensitive,” “too empathic,” or that one simply “sees too much.” While this is a very real challenge most psychics face, it is also intensely tempting to turn it into a tragically hip identity that one uses to avoid life rather than deepen into it. We convince ourselves that being psychic brings the price of being able to be around others, to go out there and do the things we want to do, or to feel whole and healthy. It causes us to migrate to the fringes, the sidelines if you will, instead of moving to the center of our lives and becoming the alchemically integrating forces of nature we are meant to be.

The problem is that we adopt victimized psychic images rather than empowered ones and more often than not we don’t even know we are doing this. The key to turning an “I am too psychic” rejection of self and life into a psychic path of thriving in a waking dream filled with heart is a matter of cultivating better psychic pictures from which to draw and light our way. If you do this naturally, great! But if you are like most of us and have found giant gaping holes in your sense of direction where a council of elder mentors should have been, then taking on some form of psychic training is essential.

Different Schools of Psychic Cultivation

Different schools of thought around psychic cultivation abound. The more New Age a school is, the more it will teach you about the power of unity, but the less it will teach you about bringing that love into your shadows. The more Occult a school is, the more it will teach you about being empowered in the shadows, but the less it will teach you about what the shadow content is trying to craft you into. Both of these camps tend to avoid the deeper material called soul and instead seek to build identity structures based on concepts and aesthetics, which help them deny the work calling to them from the murky unknown.

Yet both offer the virtue of psychic hygiene, an essential tool for navigating a psychic path. This can be any number of many different practices which clean the aura, align the chakras, potentiate manifestation, and bring intel on life direction into our otherwise murky perspectives. Clearing our fields, or what have you, of the various energies we take on in a given day takes practice and deepens in its effectiveness over time. There are no right or wrong ways to go about it, and psychics must discern what works best for them through trial and error. Such psychic tools are expressions of our soul intelligence and as such, are reflections of our greater processes. They will change over time, even coming and going as they serve us best.

Practice is Imperfect

Whatever tools we learn and apply, the main thing is that we keep with it. It is easy to let our practices fall to the wayside as life becomes too easy or hard. Yet these are the times when our practices help us yield the most from our experiences. This is not to say we must overly discipline ourselves with such tools. It is just as easy to deny soul practice as it is to become a neurotic psychic. We must always work to find the balance points within ourselves, with all things in life, including our psychic tools. It is not a path of perfection, though perfect psychic pictures may sometimes guide and inspire us. It is a path of immaculate imperfection, a path where we are gathering back to ourselves the lost and outcast pieces of soul that we long for.

Practicing psychic tools allows us to utilize life experiences to forge ourselves into psychic warriors. The most important turning point in a psychic sensitive’s or empath’s life is when they realize that this is a path of warriorship. Not only will they never survive the onslaughts of collective energies without martialing their own, but they will never truly wield the radical, alchemical ingredient of compassion without it. If what you are doing now is not working, try something else. It is an alchemy that takes time, attention, and endurance, fostered by endless mistakes and setbacks. Such penetrating forces within us must be found and wielded equally to our abilities to open, expand and listen. Without both sides of our soul, we cannot stay long on the path with heart.

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