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What Is Psychic Culture?

With it in mind that the word psychic means “of the soul,” currently, on our planet, there is not a single unified understanding of psychic or soul culture. There do however exist very distinct lines of soul-knowing within different subcultures, which, taken together, indicate what I have been calling our emergent psychic culture. As with all things soul, it is likely quite far off before we will see such a multifaceted jewel emerge as a unifying experience we all knowingly share. Our work at this time is to learn to see soul where we can and, through that seeing, create bridges of coherency between the disparate parts of its present emanations.

The Soulful Arts

The most common and mainstream form of soul culture is found in the arts. Sadly, soul is not found in everything referred to as art because the undertaking of art has been industrialized and monetized to such a degree that it forces far too many specific outcomes for it to resonate with the more profound uniqueness of soul expression. To the degree that an artist’s craft is an expression of their hard-won psychic pictures, whatever the form their art takes, it is indeed an expression of soul. We find it most readily in music, but we find soul’s voice in all other forms of expression when we allow it to. Traditional arts, theater, public speaking, writing, folk craft, and all other realms of this form of soul culture are managing, if only meekly, to stay alive during this soul drought we have been living through.

The Depth of Soul-Making

Still on the side of the mainstream but nudging a bit deeper into the fringe is the subculture of what is called “soul-making.” This approach is often explored from a foundation of depth psychology, but it can take on other forms that are not tied to the scholastic degrees as tightly. It can be seen in our emerging ritual practices, pagan and otherwise, especially the slow but real return of grief rituals to our communities, which so desperately need them. Most soul-makers engage in some form of clairvoyant practice, whether it is visualization meditations, communing with nature or delving into dreams, yet it is uncommon for members of this subculture to regard these practices as psychic. The subculture includes a lot of language about soulful living and learning to dwell deeper into the soul side of life, but it strives to be taken seriously by the mainstream, and so rejects a lot of spiritual language that might otherwise deepen it. Its primary merit is that it involves just as much digging one’s roots into their shadow material as it does opening with joy into the sunlight that such deep roots facilitate finding. It is a bastion of how the difficult work of sincere maturity opens the way for living more fully.

Being Psychic

Even farther from the mainstream is what most would think of as “psychics,” and generally, they fall somewhere within the two main subcultures of such practices, the new age or the occult. The new age psychics are by far the more visible, being people of any walk of life that find themselves called into the practices of psychic living, reading and healing in some form or another. Even when they do not become professionals in some regard, they are inquiring into intuitive and subtle practices such as “manifestation” and the following of the esoteric threads of perspective crafting and synchronicity. All of these are psychic practices in nature, and therefore soulful practices, when we view them in the expanded light of the soul’s path. The only meaningful difference, though they would argue otherwise, between the occult and new age versions of being psychic is an aesthetic preference. In this case, the aesthetic is an overlay that contributes greatly to one’s cosmology and plays a major role in crafting experience. But the basic ingredients of following a psychic path are essentially the same for all.

The Psionic Underground

One last camp, which is even further into the weird realms of the fringe, are those who obsess about psychic powers, such as telekinesis, mind reading/control (which is very different than telepathy), remote viewing (especially in the context of espionage), teleportation and even time travel. From a soul context, the obsession here is not so much with the powers themselves as with proving and utilizing them. With such a push to force the emergence of what would otherwise develop naturally for someone in alignment with it, they create a turbulent response from the cosmos around them, getting caught in the world of conspiracies and the shady characters that play there. It reflects a soul denial and a call to some very deep work that such paths are attempting to get at.

The Way of Nature’s Alchemical Unfolding

As we move towards our emergent psychic culture, where all of the above factions are merged into one harmonious whole, it is irrational to try and foresee how that will look. Each may lose what defines them currently, and it is impossible to say precisely what forms each aspect will contribute to the whole. It will be a different world then, inhabited by a very different kind of people. It is not our work, no matter what so many impatient spiritual paradigms would preach, to become this future inhabitance of earth. It is our work to discern the path as we find it before us and contribute to opening the ways for others to one day live more embodied than we have.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

—William Gibson